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Stop Writing Rent Checks

Like writing and mailing rent checks each month? We didn't think so. Rentdrop lets you to pay online, and we handle check mailing to your landlord.

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Pay rent how you want

You can send payments with deposit directly to your landlord with credit & debit card payments coming soon!


Got roommates? No problem!

We allow roommates to easily pay their share of rent online.

And with our check mailing service (coming soon), we'll send a single check to your landlord once the full rent has been paid.

We mail the check to your landlord*

With our soon-to-be-released check mailing service, we'll turn your online payments into a check mailed to your landlord.

It's time to ditch the checkbook and get the modern payment experience you expect.


How It Works


Create your free Rentdrop account


Invite your roommates to join Rentdrop


Provide your landlord's mailing address


We send the checks once rent is paid automagically.


Start collecting rent in less than 3 minutes.

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