RentDrop Referral Program

Every time you refer a landlord to our service, you get $25 and they get $25 too!


How does the Referral Program work?



Join Rentdrop or log in to your pre-existing account to find your unique referral URL.



Spread the word and share your unique referral URL with other landlords and property managers.



When your invitee creates an account and starts using Rentdrop, you receive $25 and they get $25 too! 

We send the funds directly into your bank account via ACH transfer.


Do I need to have a Rentdrop account to get a referral code?

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Yes. You need to have a Rentdrop Landlord account in order to get your unique referral code.

What is required to receive the $25 referral bonus?

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1. You must have a Rentdrop Landlord account to make a referral

2. The person you refer must create a Rentdrop Landlord account

3. The person you refer cannot have a pre-existing Rentdrop Landlord account

4. The person you refer must collect at least $500 in rent using Rentdrop

Are there any limits to the number of referrals I can make?

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No. You can refer as many landlords as you want and earn $25 for each of them!

Where can I find my unique referral link?

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Your referral link can be found in the Rentdrop app within the Rewards tab: example screenshot