Quickly and effortlessly assess the profitability of any potential real estate investment by using one of our free online calculators. Rentdrop’s rent calculators also to determine how much rent to charge and how to calculate prorated rent.


Cash-on-Cash Return Calculator

The Cash-on-Cash Return calculator helps you evaluate an investment property’s profitability. Use this handy tool to estimate the potential return you can expect from your investment.

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Gross Rent Multiplier Calculator

The Gross Rent Multiplier calculator helps you compare potential investment properties. Use the RentDrop calculator to predict how many years it will take to make money on any property.

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Rent to Income Ratio Calculator

The Rent to Income Ratio calculator tells you if tenants can afford to pay rent. Use our handy calculator to screen a tenant’s suitability for your rental unit.

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Prorated Rent Calculator

The Prorated Rent calculator is a useful tool for landlords to work out due rent if a tenant only occupies the property for part of the month.


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