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Awards for the Best Property Management Companies in Nashville

Rentdrop Team
Rentdrop Team Published : August 18, 2020

RentDrop is pleased to announce the awards for the best property management companies in Nashville. We have given these awards due to the way that these companies serve the local community and provide top-class services to Nashville residents and property owners.

A great property management company must build a sense of community and trust with its tenants, the landlords they service, and the staff. All of the property management companies we judged this year succeeded in this area—and that came as no surprise in a flourishing city like Nashville. The awards were based on their standards of excellence, reviews, community engagement, social presence, and more.

Additionally, we also took into account that excellent property management companies need to be adaptable. This vital quality means that all of the companies who received the awards showed adaptability. These companies adapted to unusual circumstances, local regulations, economic recession, and changes in the rental market—and 2020 has had no shortage of these changes. All of the property management companies who received our award went above and beyond in maneuvering around these difficulties.

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We graded each property management company on their communication with tenants during these difficult times, adoption of new technologies and payment methods, adoption of local health recommendations, and their ability to offer new or expanded services to the landlords they work with.

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the awards for RentDrop’s best property management companies in Nashville go to:

Southern Land Company

Renters Warehouse Nashville

Red Realty Nashville

Stevens Realty

Freeman Webb

Brookside Properties, Inc.

Ghertner & Company

The Wilson Group

Property Management Connection

Boyle Investment Co.

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